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Paper Trail

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Paper Trail

By Simon Fry
Published by InXmedia Limited
ISBN 9781906192174
Category Crime thriller
August 2009


The year is 2016 and it's Carnival time in Venice. Final year students Bianca and Jessica are in a palazzo on the Grand Canal reading through a pile of long-abandoned manuscripts. They soon realise that they're drafts for some of Shakespeare's plays - but written some twenty or thirty years before they were supposed to have been.

Author's Biography

Simon Fry is a professional artist and part-time teacher. This is his first novel.


Price £8.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Good descriptive writing and plot make this an interesting read. He writes with an artists eye for detail and an enthusiats love of his subject. Made me want to go to Venice and Stratford to look see!
Great adventure with a bit of history. Great characters that make the book absorbing. It's a very fun read!
Really fun read on an intriguing topic.
An imaginative plot, with the switch from the past to the future adding an interesting twist
A very enjoyable and intruiging read that is difficult to put down . Great descriptive passages bring scenes vividly to life and the mystery concerning the authorship of the work attributed to Shakespeare is incorporated into this exciting tale in such a way that its clear the author has a gret knowledge of the subject . Highly recommended .
Excellent first novel - a real page turning read. I was very impressed with how the author paints the scenes and makes you really feel you are there with the characters, I guess, despite being his first book, this comes from being an artist. I also really enjoyed the fascinating insights into the whole Shakespeare controversy which were wonderfully woven throughout an great crime thriller. Do vote for Simon as I would vote him to get the encouragement to complete his next novel ASAP.
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