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Happy Hooves, Oh! Oh! Oh!
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Happy Hooves, Oh! Oh! Oh!

By Anna Bogie
Published by Fat Fox Books
ISBN 9780992872823
Category 2yrs-6yrs and 18 illustrations
Winter 2014


A magical Christmas tale where Cow tells his hoofed friends that Santa will not visit unless they tidy their houses. But as each of the animals make everything sparkle a panic arises as they realise something is missing. How will Santa bring presents if they don't have a chimney?

Author's Biography

Anna’s debut picture book series, Happy Hooves, was inspired by the wild terrain of Southern Spain where she sometimes spends her weekends. Anna lives in Gibraltar with her husband and two young children. She also has one of the best names ever for a children’s author!


Price ££10.99

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Reader Comments

Magical book for young children
An adorable story with beautiful illustrations. A wonderful gift for a small child.
If Royalty read it then it is good enough for my niece. She loves it!
Beautifully written and illustrated book. An absolute delight for young children and their parents.
My 2 year old absolutely loved the characters in this book. Cleverly written and beautifully illustrated.
a really different and engaging book, with lovly illustrations
What great fun - the kids loved it and so did I !
My kids loved this book - beautifully illustrated too!
Its an absolute soft and great book for children, very lifely and the Illustrations are beautiful!
If it's good enough for Prince George, it's good enough for all. Wonderful first work.
Brilliant book which both my 4 year old son and I thoroughly enjoyed. Also highly recommend Ta Dah by the same author
great book!
Great book for kids! Well done!
I loved this book when I read it and recommended it to all my family with young children.
All the family love this! Including me. A great learning tool too. :0
A stunning debut - I bought it for all my little family members at Christmas - highly recommend it.
Fantastic book that kids love to read over and over again
A lovely tale of friendship, very well written, easy to read and my kids love it. The illustrations are fabulous too.
This is a lovely Christmas book to read to wee ones. The storyline is quite superb as is the rhyming text. The illustration too are very festive and a lot of fun.
This is a wonderful book that reminds me of classics such as We´re going on a bear hunt and The Gruffalo. The animals are original creations from someone who clearly knows what appeals to little minds.
This new Author has my vote as a dynamic piece of work worthy of the highest merit!
Amazing debut! A must read for all children with beautiful illustratons!
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