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The Original Sin
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The Original Sin

By Marius Gabriel
Published by Thistle Publishing
ISBN 9781909869660
Autumn 2014


Mercedes Edouard lives quietly on her Costa Brava estate, her turbulent past behind her…until a demand for US$10m arrives with a graphic photo of her daughter. No ordinary kidnapping, its roots go back beyond the Spanish Civil War to an original sin which has overshadowed three generations.

Author's Biography

Marius Gabriel began writing for Mills & Boon as a student, producing 30+ novels under a pseudonym. 1n 1993, he published ‘The Original Sin’ under his own name, which became one of several thriller bestsellers. After a break to raise his children, he has updated and improved the book and is back to his best form and working on a new trilogy.


"Pulsing with romance, danger, and suspense ... A compelling read." –Publishers’ Weekly

"The a real stunner" - Chicago Tribune
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