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The Hetherington Women
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The Hetherington Women

Subtitle Part 1
By Catherine Andersen
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 9781848974494
Category Historical Fiction
Autumn 2014


Set in nineteenth century America and spanning the Northern and Southern States, this is the story of five women whose lives become inextricably linked by their association with one man, Gilbert Hetherington, a violent bully, for whom each of them harbours the most bitter hatred.
A story of love and hatred, murder and revenge, it portrays a broad tapestry of life in America both before and throughout the horror of the Civil War.

Author's Biography

London-born Catherine Andersen has lived and worked in several countries throughout the world, including Canada, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, in the Eastern Province on the Arabian Gulf, and Jeddah in the Western Province on the Red Sea. 
She has travelled with her husband, a Danish engineer, and wrote this book whilst accompanying him in a two-year work assignment in America. They actually lived in a two hundred-year-old converted Presbyterian church in the small New Jersey town of Asbury, which having changed very little from when it was settled, provided the inspiration for this novel.


Price £10.99

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Reader Comments

I found the story completely absorbing - the scenes and the characters are vividly painted for the reader. Looking forward with anticipation to reading the subsequent family histories in the follow up. Hopefully a savvy film produced will spot the potential for a blockbuster in this novel. Hurry up with Volume 2 please!
This is a compelling story that leaves you wanting more, a wonderful mix of history and fiction which is beautifully written. It would make a beautiful mini series. Really looking forward to the next part of the saga.
Brilliantly written. Generally, I am not much of a book reader, but could not put book down - kept my interest all through, The way the afore rmentioned women were interwoven into the fabric of the story Am so looking forward to reading Part 11
We have all found this book excellent. Can't wait for the second part
Great read
Very good read
an absolutely beautiful book, the story is cleverly woven and should be made into a film, Love it
This book is a real page turner and I can't wait for Part 2'
It's a long time since I read a book which held my interest so much, I really read it until my eyes ached! I was sorry when I finished it, but the author has left enough loose ends for reading part two to be a must. What I really liked, it is fast moving, no long drawn out pages that one could skip and not lose the plot, no bulking out with unnecessary paragraphs. I hope part two is on its way.
This is evocative of its period, this would make a great transition to either the small or large screen. I look forward to part 2.
Great story intermingled with historical facts. Use of language really brings the characters to life and keeps the reader captivated Cant wait for Part 2 to be published
Can't wait to read the second book!!!!
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