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Jasmine’s Tortoise
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Jasmine’s Tortoise

By Corinne Souza
ISBN 978-0955610509
Category Thriller
August 2009


The impact espionage can have on families and communities.

Author's Biography

‘Jasmine’s Tortoise’ is Corinne Souza’s fiction debut.  Her previous non-fiction books include ‘So You Want to be a Lobbyist?’ and ‘Baghdad’s Spy’.


'Poor Iraq. This is what Corinne Souza has achieved mercilessly in her forceful "faction" novel Jasmine’s Tortoise, which weaves the unfolding political crisis of Iraq into the warp of world politics.  Establishment dirty tricks and cover-ups are threaded skilfully as the author scatters clues that eventually lead to an Agatha Christie-style denouement. - James Brewer, Lloyd's List

Price £9.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

An interesting and pacy read set in a topical part of the world.
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