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Happy Hooves, Ta Dah!
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Happy Hooves, Ta Dah!

By A.Bogie
Published by Fat Fox Books
ISBN 978-0992872816
Category 2-6
Autumn 2014


Donkey has a dream about a trip to the beach. He calls his friends and they begin a journey to the sea.  But how will they cross the terrifying cattle grid that lays ahead? Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! is the first book in the series of tales about the exciting and funny adventures of five hoofed friends who use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome challenges

Author's Biography

Anna's debut picture book series, Happy Hooves, was inspired when she lived in a rustic farmhouse on the southern tip of Spain which had the most amazing far reaching views of the rolling hills and ocean.  Anna now lives in Gibraltar with her husband and two young children but often revisits the rugged Spanish countryside.


Price £10.99

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Reader Comments

Such a wonderful book!
Has a good message wrapped up in a delightful story that will appeal to young children.
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