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A Night at the Tooth Fairy's Factory
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A Night at the Tooth Fairy's Factory

By J. M. Rowell
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 9781848974388
Category 3-7 yrs AND 13 Illustrations
Autumn 2014


Zac, a young boy of seven, has his first tooth fall out. He is not sure whether he wants the tooth fairies to have it, so hides it in his hand at night. Follow Zac's adventure as he steps into the magical world of the tooth fairies, tooth in hand.

Author's Biography

J. M. Rowell wrote A Night at the Tooth Fairies' Factory for her first grandchild, Zac. She also told this story to her own children, many years ago, when they asked her to make up a story of her own.


Price £4.99

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Reader Comments

very nice ty
Excellent short bedtime read11
Perfect, imaginative, takes you to another world
My lg loves this book
beautifully written and easy to read
This is a nice easy read for children and a good quick read for a adult to read as a bedtime story .
Beautifully written and easy to read.
My grandson loves this delightful easy reading book.
My nephew love's this book
My grandson aged five enjoyed this book .
Lovely kids book my 3 boys love this quick read story
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