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Ideas Above Our Station
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Ideas Above Our Station

By Ian Daley
ISBN 978-1901927283
Category Stories
August 2009


Someone is travelling. They are alone. For company, in their coat pocket they are carrying a book of stories. They sit down and take out the book. It falls open on the first page of a new story. What would be the perfect read for them to find there?

Author's Biography

15 authors including M Y Alam, Anthony Cropper, Micheal Nath and Sophie Hannah


A lively series. Ideas Above Our Station would be a diverting travelling companion - Guardian

An inspired idea and an inspiring collection, which won’t disappoint. - Nottingham Evening News.

I loved the randomness of subject matter tackled by the fifteen novelists, which always made for a compelling read. A triumph – The Crack

Price £8.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Couldn't put it down!!!
Wonderful read ! Just when I thought I had read the best story , along came another .
Excellent anthology, a wonderful selection of stories!
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