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The Rocky Road to La-La Land
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The Rocky Road to La-La Land

Subtitle A Descent into Alzheimer's
By Valerie Bingham
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 9781848974807
Category Biography
Autumn 2014


Just imagine you are an intelligent man who acts, writes plays, solves difficult crosswords, plays sport, eats sensibly, and yet succumbs to a terrible disease with no known cure.  Now imagine what it is like to be married to such a man. This is their story.  It hasn't all been doom and gloom. They have celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary.

Author's Biography

Valerie Bingham was born in Enfield in 1934. Educated at Latymer Grammar School, had a brief spell at R.A.D.A. before the money ran out.  She met Jack at an amateur theatre company. They married in 1959, have two sons, and currently reside in Ludlow, Shropshire.
Valerie has always had a passion for poetry and prose, and has had pieces published. This is her first full length book, prompted by her experiences in dealing with her husband's illness. She found the writing process to be cathartic, and hopes the book will help others in similar circumstances.


Price £ 4.99

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Reader Comments

Loved this book. Heartfelt, helpful and well-written.
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