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The Silent Village
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The Silent Village

By Merryn Corcoran
Published by Umbria Press
ISBN 9780957364127
Summer 2014


Against the majestic, visual backdrop of the French and Italian Riviera, three generations of strong passionate women fight for the survival and the future legacy of their families. Our heroine Sarah Anderson, aged fifty five and recently widowed, makes the decision to track down her birth family....

Author's Biography

Merryn Corcoran has been a publicist, a top retailer and a highly successful marketer. This is her first novel.


The Silent Village – a cracking page turner! Price: £7.99

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Reader Comments

Fantastic read.
Loved this book
Could not put it down. Finished it on my long flight from Akl/Sydney
Great book! Looking forward to the next one!
Fantastic read and waiting for the next book.
Fantastic book.. I don't have much time to read but when I bought the book plus 6 others for friends and family.. I couldn't put it down! Amazing book waiting for Merryns next launch to reach England Tx
Loved it! Great reading
Gripping story cannot wait for the next book
Excellent story well written
Perfect beach read.
A really great read. You are immersed into the story from the first few pages. Corcoran takes you on a moving journey with perfect storytelling and great detail. A clever and thought-provoking debut novel, worthy of recognition.
Fabulous reading looking forward to the next book cannot wait
Loved it. Looking forward to reading your next book
great first time novel.
A great page turner!
visualistic poignant, sometimes tragic, the inter weaving of characters and their eventual outcome...the breathtaking and visual descriptions of the village made this book a rewarding read....Congratulations. Next please
Amazing insight into the way war rips a family apart & also brings them together
Thoroughly enjoyed it - both moving and disturbing
Excellent debut and read well done Merryn
This is wonderfully exciting read, written by a woman who was disadvantaged with dyslexia. An amazingly powerful book.
Best thing I've ever read! Truly a gifted writer!!
A great holiday read.
Looking forward to Merryn's next book
The best book I have read since Christmas. Can't wait for the next one
page turning read
A moving breathtaking book! Once you hâve started reading it ,you cańt help going on and on and on.....
This book should be made into a movie. It would be a great movie.
Great read, fascinating insight into adversity on the French Italian border.
Loved it.
Well worth a vote...or two!
Great for reading on holiday
Transported me to France and Italy - was romantic and really exciting - loved it -
Absolutely brilliant! Couldn't stop turning the page!
What a great read. I really enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down. Kept my attention right through. Keep up the good work.
As somebody said 'You bloody deserve it'. Trust you will get loads of votes. Thanks for the read.
Loved it!
Great read based on a true story.
The book got better and better until I was completely hooked.
Always looked forward to opening the book to delve into the human and atmospheric story. Thoroughly enjoyable.
A great story - you felt like you were there! Hard to put down!
A wonderful read and a certain bestseller
Go Merryn!
Merryn get a great atmosphere throughout the story it makes you feel transported into another time
Fantastic read!
This book has a fabulous story, moving, gripping and everything you want in a summer read
Excellent read, couldn't put it down.
What a read! An amazing story, very hard to put down. I would definitely recommend to all! Can't wait for Merryn's next novel!
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