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The Crooked Cross
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The Crooked Cross

By Michael Dean
Published by Quaestor2000
ISBN 978-1-906836-13-9
Category Historical
August 2009


Munich in 1933, the year of Hitler's rise to power, saw a last-ditch fight by German democracy. This is the story of public prosecutor Gerhard Glaser, who attempts to bring Hitler to account within the law. But matters will not stop there …

Author's Biography

Michael Dean studied history at Worcester College, Oxford and has a translator’s qualification in German.  He lived in south Germany for five years. After lecturing at City University, he wrote non-fiction full-time. This is his first novel.


“I recommend that every student of history read it.” - Prof. John B. Willett, Charles William Eliot Professor, Harvard University

“Forget Dan Brown. This is real art history, real conspiracy, and really relevant.” - Alan Posener, Korrespondent für Politik und Gesellschaft, Welt am Sonntag

“… convincing, absorbing and revealing.” Katherine Taylor – Munich Found

“This is a wonderful reading experience, not to be rushed.” Michael Carson – novelist and award-winning short story writer

“I liked it very much, a fascinating story intelligently and perceptively written.” Karen Hayes, author Letting Go and Cloud Music.

Price £9.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

A wonderful read: a journey full of amazing revelations that gripped the reader to the last page. A book to be savoured!
A book to be thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the “flesh and blood” personalities behind the facts and figures of the history books.
A really intelligent piece of historical fiction - highly recommended!
A beautifully written book about pre-WWII Germany that really captures the reader; I felt like nothing else mattered while reading this book!
I really enjoyed this historical novel, which is not only a fantastic piece of fiction but an intelligent, unique analysis of one of the most fascinating periods of modern history.
This wonderful debut novel should be on everyone's bookshelf this summer.
A highly recommended read!
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