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The Rainbow King
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The Rainbow King

By Chris Ingram
Published by Austin Macauley
ISBN 9781849634854
Summer 2014


Read this exhilarating book and be on the edge of your seat throughout as you imagine fighting against the enemy, The battle scenes come to life, with well thought out strategies, and riveting accounts of bloodshed and bravery. Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey too, from tears to laughter, hatred and despair to love. 

Author's Biography

Currently living in the south of France surrounded by vineyards, the author has been married for forty-four years, with two adult children, three young grandchildren and one step-grandchild. He retired early due to back problems and began writing but in his earlier years he played football, then became a referee and also holds a black belt in Karate.


Price: £11.99

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Reader Comments

A tail of good and evil with wonderful detail, rich characters and a storyline that turns its own pages.
A great read from a talented author. Let's have the film now!
I bought a signed copy for my 11 yo son who loves these genre of books. He was so impressed that I read it when he had finished so I knew what he was talking about. We both look forward to the next Instalment. A great book that leaves the reader wanting for more....
Awesome book!
A fantastic book to thrill all ages.
A wonderful read. The authors commitment to detail is extraordinary. Loved it. Steve B. Glendale,AZ
Great book! A must read for sure!
A really good read, hard to put down
Chris is a good friend and has worked very hard at writing this book which is a very different type of book for different ages
A gripping storyline , well presented
Brilliant read -Chris has a great gift for storytelling
Very exciting and imaginative book.
A really interesting and well written book that I really enjoyed
Really enjoyed this book. We gave a copy to our granddaughter who also couldn't put it down.
What a fun and exciting book to read! I haven't been one to read very often, but once I started this book, I couldn't put it down! I love the harmony between the details and the progression of the storyline. It's difficult not to fall in love with the various characters throughout the story as well. This is a must read! I can't wait to find out what else the author has in the pipeline!
I really enjoyed this fast passed book, the characters are not your usual mix but they complemented one another really well
a really great read for all ages couldn't put it down, a truly great book for a first time author can't wait for his next book
Waiting for the sequel.
this is an exciting story that keeps your interest from start to finish with twists and turns, love, battles, and seriously interesting fun characters. I would love to see this as a film. This was not my usual genre but was hooked and looking forward to the next one.
This really was a fantastic read. It had me captured from the first chapter and took me on its journey. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Fantastic book which would make a great fantasy film.
Fantastic read, can't wait for the film.
A very good read, I would definitely recommend The Rainbow King
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