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The Care Home
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The Care Home

By Lee Carrick
Published by McStorytellers
ISBN 1484041941
Summer 2014


Turning eighteen, broke and desperate to provide for himself, Nicky Daniels takes a job in a home for elderly dementia patients. THE CARE HOME is a raw, honest and graphic account of how those patients opened Nicky’s eyes to horrors he had never conceived. You won’t forget it in a hurry.

Author's Biography

Lee Carrick is in his twenties. Originally from South Shields, he currently lives in Taiwan. His biggest passions in life are writing and travelling. He has been writing poetry since he was 15, but only recently began to write fiction. THE CARE HOME is his first novel.


Price: £2.75

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Reader Comments

Excellent book. Very well written with great dialogue and character development. Portrays accurately what working in a care home is like.
Great read!
great read
Such an emotional journey reading this book. so worth the vote
Great read.
This is a gem of book. Intelligent, fluid and moving. Having lost a family member to dementia the honest and frank threads of this horrendous disease woven through the rich tapestry of Nicky's life are a revelation to those who haven't experienced losing loved ones to dementia. Nicky's compassion tells much about the author. I hope this book is on the shelves of Waterstones. If not, it should be.
Great book!
Fabulous eell done hope theres many more
Bought this book randomly after coming across it on my kindle while I was traveling a long journey on a train and having worked in a care home myself I thought It would be fun to read. But after reading the first few chapters I was having to stop myself from crying with laughter on the train. Absolutely wonderful!! by the time it was the end of my journey I had finished the book and couldn't stop thinking about it so I even created a page on facebook dedicating it to 'The Care Home' and found the author 'Lee Carrick' and told him about the page and congratulated him on such an achievement, He later kindly sent a copy of the book to my home address and signed it! If any book deserves to win the people's book prize its the care home!
A really great book. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Fantastic book and a great read! Good luck Lee x
hard to put down
What an achievement, may there be many more. Well done and good luck
Good luck lee, fingers crossed! Aish xx
Best of luck, Lee. Take it all the way, mate.
love this book
This book is an excellent read and really makes you think. I agree with your quote that It is a story that you never forget.
Great read, shows what care homes are really like.
A very fine read with very little rhyming.
Best book ever!
a really really great book and a gifted writer!
Good luck Lee.
Good luck.
Hopefully the first of many.
Lee Carrick is a very talented writer. He speaks with a voice of clear honesty that leaves the reader deeply touched. It was excellent and I'd recommend this book to anyone.
I enjoyed The Care Home very much. And think more people should read it.
Is a book you can't put down until you finish reading it.
As the blurb says, you won't forget this book in a hurry. A tremendous debut novel from a very talented writer that's based on a true story.
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