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By Nelson Peters
ISBN 9781907785160
Summer 2014


Everyone says that the bookie always wins. Daniel Brent disagrees.  With a passion for horse racing and a friend with a 'system'. Daniel is determined to get away from his working class background. 

Will he succeed or will the women he meets along the way distract him from his ambitions? 

Author's Biography

A former civil servant, Nelson Peters has been happily married for more than thirty years.  His life-long passions:  music and horse racing.  Peter has written over fifty songs and two hundred letters published in racing trade publications. 

When he was seventeen, Peters worked with his father as a drain layer on building sites. At eighteen he backed horses as a professional gambler, betting on a system of his father’s invention, a bit like Daniel in the book. 


Price: £8.99

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Reader Comments

I really enjoyed the story and pace of this book and the characterisation. It felt very real and believable. I couldn't put it down.
Mr Peters is a brilliant storyteller.
Great first novel. Looking forward to the sequel.
I Liked it.
A really good read.I know very little about horse racing but found the book interesting and the storyline plausible.Suitable for both sexes.
Great read, full of great characters with and absorbing story line that hooks you in,right up to the final page. A much wider storyline than the synopsis suggests you don't need to inside knowledge of betting or horses to enjoy it.
Really enjoyed this book even though I am not normally interested in horse racing. I though the characters were believable.
Really enjoyed the book. A good first novel and will look forward to reading others in future.
Great read, you won't be able to put it down!
A great read and difficult to put down
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