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Blood Money
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Blood Money

By Maureen Carter
Published by Creme de la Crime
ISBN 9780955707872
Category Crime and Mystery
August 2009


Personal tragedy has pushed Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss into a dark place.
But there are bad guys to battle as well as demons - like the Sandman, a vicious serial burglar who wears a clown mask and plays mind-games with his victims.
And Bev is in no mood to play…

Author's Biography

Former BBC Newsnight presenter Maureen Carter has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and television. As a journalist she has covered crime stories including murders, interviewed victims and seen villains sent down.
“The trick,” she says, is to use that experience to produce an engaging and entertaining crime novel.”


Carter's spare prose captures locations, temperaments, character and manners with elegant ease. She cunningly holds sufficient information back to throw you a late curve-ball.  - Lisa Rullensberg – Rullensburg Rules crime fiction blog

£7.99  Paperback

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Reader Comments

Great stuff !!!!!!
A great read. Catch up on all the earlier Bev Morriss series. If you are not already hooked you soon will be.
brilliant book could not put it down.
Great read from a new author to me - will now read her past novels.
A fantastic book and the latest in a long line of overlooked (in my opinion) crime novels that both engage and surprise. A worthy winner!
Fantastic series. Every book keeps getting better!
This is the most thrilling book I've read so far this year. An absolute must for all crime fans!
More than lived up to my expectations!
As ever a gripping read - though the series is taking a dark turn and I am deeply worried for poor Bev. I've been reading the series and picking up these books as they have been released since being introduced to Creme de la Crime publications at Lowdham book fair a few years ago. Every summer I long for my fix of a new Bev Morriss!
A super read - if you haven't discovered Bev yet, then you're in for a treat!
Antoher wicked romp, Even better than Baby Love
Fascinating and enthralling - well constructed as ever
A well good read guv and no mistake! Would make a terrific TV series...come on someone do it!
Yet another well crafted story. It really is about time these gripping stories are turned into a TV series - a sure fire hit!
Amazing read, can't recommend highly enough!
I consider that this is the best book so far - although every Bev book I've read I've felt the same!
Great read. Flying time disappeared on my trip to New York!
Rocks my world
Loved it.
Another gripping case for Maureen Carter's punchily written and compelling Bev Morriss creation.
I have been a fan of Carter's Bev Morriss series since the first book and Blood Money, the sixth in the series is no disappointment. It also isn't for the easily unnerved due to the truly terrifying Sandman and the vicious, twisted mindgames that he plays on his victims. I personally recommend reading it in a well lit room, in the middle of the day - especially if you too have a touch of coulrophobia! Carter has spun another magnificent tale, with a number of plotlines all woven expertly throughout. Again, the icing on the cake is the wonderfully developed characters who feel so real to the reader. Bev is still recovering from her ordeal in the previous book (Bad Press)and trying to balance that with her duty as a cop, she takes a personal interest in the Sandman's games, and as always will stop at nothing to catch him. Yet it is not all heavy; a wonderful support cast provides light relief and sharp, witty humour. This is a book you truly cannot put down, it is a fast paced, sharp tongued, heart racing, head spinning page turner that keeps you gripped until the final twist. Truly epic with an amazing ending that will leave everyone on tenterhooks!
A really excellent, well-written, and compelling story - once I had started it, I simply couldn't put it down.
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