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Last Bus to Coffeeville
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Last Bus to Coffeeville

By J. Paul Henderson
Published by Oldcastle Books
ISBN 9781843443346
Summer 2014


Nancy has Alzheimer’s and her oldest friend Gene once 
more a purpose in life – to end hers. 

Charming, uplifting and profoundly moving, Last Bus to Coffeeville is a chronicle of lives that have jumped the tracks; a tale of endings and new beginnings; a funny story about sad things. 

Author's Biography

 J. Paul Henderson studied American History and worked in academic publishing. He now lives in a house in England, drives a car and owns a television set. And that’s about it. 


 A funny road trip story...but this brave debut novel also tackles sensitive issues and does so in a confident manner 
- Clair Stanton, We Love This Book 

Price:  Â£/ £18.99

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Reader Comments

A fantastically charming book - made me laugh and cry on the same page!
I absolutely loved Last Bus to Coffeeville and haven't stopped talking about it to my friends and family. It's such a funny book but has some incredibly tender moments too. Good luck, Paul! You deserve this!
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