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It's Not Yours, It's Mine!
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It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

By Susanna Moores
ISBN 9781846435959
Summer 2014


Debut picture book by Susanna Moores. Blieka has a favourite toy, and doesn’t want to share. A charming tale about friendship and sharing.

Author's Biography

Susanna graduated with a Masters in Children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. She gains her best inspiration from the lively atmosphere at London Zoo, finding new ideas for her stories by observing the animal antics and the children who pass by. 


Price: £5.99

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Reader Comments

It's simply fantastic!
'It's Not Yours, It's Mine' teaches an invaluable message about sharing, and has cute, colourful illustrations throughout - it's a pleasure to read!
Not just a book about sharing... As well as the benefits of sharing, this also shows us it's OK to feel a little protective over our special things. Sometimes you do just want something for yourself. The lesson of sharing is displayed brilliantly as Blieka eventually gets it's OK to let go sometimes and that there is often much to be gained. Blieka is super-cool and he or she... Blieka can be all of us. Bright in colour and idea!
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