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Father Paul's War
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Father Paul's War

By Mark Cheng
ISBN 9780956999252
Summer 2014


Set in China, before, during and after WWII, Father Paul’s War follows the life of a young Cistercian monk. With trials of endurance that test human spirit and faith to breaking point, it is a testament not only to the power of spiritual faith, but to the power of true love.

Author's Biography

Mark was born in Hong Kong in 1930, fled to China in 1942, ending up in India. Returning to Hong Kong in 1947 he became a Jesuit novice before leaving to become a history teacher. He met his wife Irene at teacher training college, and moved to the UK around 1960. 


'Father Paul's War is an impressive work that roams through questions of politics, faith, love and commitment'
South China Morning Post

Price: 8.99

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Reader Comments

A book with real feeling and spiritual power. A journey of life and faith.
This is a wonderful and thought-provoking book on all levels and one which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It has made me appreciate how fortunate I am to live in a country of religious freedom when there are still, even in the 21st century, many places in the world where Christianity/Catholicism are persecuted. I would love to see this made in to a film.
Mark painfully weaved together the internal conflict in love, passion, choice, faith, ideal and reality .. vs the external tension in politics, war, religion ... A great creation mixed with history, experiences and true cry.
An absorbing and unusual read opening up a different place and time to the reader. A mix of culture and religion proves fascinating and the age old theme of what constitutes right and wrong is worked through the plot and stays with the reader for quite some time. A very satisfying book !
A must for those who want to understand China during the war years
I know Mark and Irene as friends. Therefore reading Mark's book was a particular pleasure. I found that he has creative ability to make real for me people of whom I knew nothing, unheard of places, and a time in history sadly missing from my past. More than that, the story engaged my heart feelings as I read through struggle, horror, faith, love, choices and much more. I could hardly put the book down, captivating me as a reader, loving descriptions of food and landscape and climate! And I plan to read it again and then, perhaps, again. Thank you, Mark.
A well written book which was deeply moving and a compelling read.
Mark Cheng's unusually factual style of delivery makes this work of fiction a compelling picture of relatively modern Chinese history.
A fascinating picture, based on first hand experience, of a world which so few people ever recorded (as they couldn't read or write).
Very interesting to read what went on in the daily lives of people especially to religious bodies who were persecuted for their beliefs. Very well written and informative.
The way that the history and culture of early 20th century were revealed by the author, cleverly wrapped around a very good story, made for a very good read.
Mark Cheng has written a beautiful, haunting and evocative novel about China in the period up to, during and after WWII. His sparsely written prose draws you in, and the quietly understated style just emphasises the horrors of the period.
A superbly written book. The author has captured the horror of the events very vividly.
a very lucid account based on little known events by an author who has personal knowledge and experience of the background.
A fascinating story of life, love and war, set in a turbulent period of Chinese history. It opened my eyes to life and culture of a region about which I knew very little, but would now like to learn much more.
A heart rending story showing the cruel behaviour of people who think they are superior beings. The courage of ordinary little people demonstrates the indomitable spirit of Christian believers. Great book.
A personal and deeply felt book.
Good Catholic priest story. Learn about the Chinese history and about Chinese custom in China of a hundred years ago.
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