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Black Star
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Black Star

By Steve Marshall
ISBN 9789185657261
Summer 2014


Black Star is a novel played out on the Eastern Front during World War Two. 
The story revolves around a unit of SS troops, heavily involved in the frontline fighting as the Germans advance towards Moscow. Action packed with an intriguing plot and based on real battles.

Author's Biography

Steve Marshall comes from a military family including his uncle, stepfather, aunt and sister. His great grandfather served in the Royal Horse Artillery in WWI, one grandfather was in the Royal Signals and fought at Dunkirk, the other served in the Black Watch in WWII.  Steve trained as a gunner/radio operator for Chieftain battle tanks and joined the Royal Hussars aged 18. He saw active duty in Northern Ireland and Iraq (1991 Gulf War). Steve married Bettina in 2002 and they have two daughters, Megan and Olivia


Price: £ 14.99

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Reader Comments

A stonking good read. This is a realistic portrayal of the 1941 Eastern Front and one soldier`s experience of it. He is beset by dangers on all sides and involves the reader every step of the way. Author Marshall`s knowledge is encyclopaedic and his style keeps one riveted throughout. More please!
Compelling reading. .
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