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In all Probability
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In all Probability

Subtitle A collection of short stories
By Steve Morris
ISBN 978190580943
Summer 2014


Hold on. Not so fast. Just when you think it's just another day. An assassin with a unique technique, an almost-was soccer star and a bitter one-hit-wonder pop-star are just some of the characters in these stories. And do they live happily ever after? In all probability - probably not!

Author's Biography

Steve is a teacher/examiner of mathematics and science. He travels around his region of England teaching students too ill to get to school. Steve graduated in mathematics from Manchester. Despite a background surrounded by figures, one of Steve’s passions is his love for English literature and collecting antiquarian books.


"The themes of destiny, chance and kismet are fascinating ones..." - - - Country and Border Life Book Club June 2009
Price: £6.99

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Reader Comments

Brilliant book.Well done Steve.
"In All Probability " by Steve Morris. Look at the title, that can implies any life for anyone can be different" Every chapter has its own story. It could be happened in our real life, too once you read it, you can't stop finishing it as fast as you can. You would like to find out what does the possibility mean. How to judge your life now after you finish your reading on this book. I should let other readers to think about it., keep it secret, let the readers to find out the stories inside. Go to get one . It s worth to give this book for 5-star if it's full mark.
Brilliant stories written by a very talented author. I really enjoyed the creative paths each story took.
Different and Better
Excellent set of short stories
In All Probability is a wonderful mix of short stories perfect for a quick read. The characters are engaging and easy to relate to. The themes of chance and destiny and the various surprising twists give that extra flavour. All this, combined with a clever style of writing, makes it one of the best collections of short stories I've ever read.
"The stone splattered quietly into the rear of his head......" Terror leaders terminated to order, washed up 70s pop stars reinvented and childhood smells bottled for posterity.
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