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Hearts of Green
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Hearts of Green

By John Marsh
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780957156821
Summer 2014


Its 1989, Chris Carter has been seduced by the posters and TV ads to live life to the max! Be the best! Start a new life! So leaving behind his broken home, he awaits his new family to welcome him with open arms. 
It had taken nearly one year of training to get here and only one week to realise that he has fallen for the hype. 
It has all been one big mistake, a mistake that pushed Carter far too close to the edge. 
Love, Lust and Paradise it certainly ain’t.

Author's Biography

John Marsh served 22 years in the Royal Corps of Signals.
He wrote this book when he left the Army and now lives with his wife and two children in Richmond North Yorkshire.


Price: £6.99

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Reader Comments

Read of the Year
good read
Kept me awake all night.
Great read. Good luck
A compelling page turner. Good luck.
Book of the year!!
Great Read
Top Read
Best read so far this year
Loved this book, made the commute so short
Excellent thriller. Fact or fiction? You decide. Good luck.
Good luck John. AJ
Compelling page-turner.
Great Read
Could not put this down. Very Real
Best book I have read in a while
Good book
Just what us old school boys like, sex drugs rock and roll. No clever business just straight forward romp.
Fast is not the word for this book. Lightening is more suitable. from start to finish. well done.
Well done mate. Looking forward to the next one.
Well done John. Good luck.
If Carlsberg made books as presents for husbands - they would made this book. Kept him amused for the whole airplane journey! I thank you Percy Publishing keep them coming!
Bloody blinding ending! well done loved it.
My boyfriend loved this book and he doesn't read very often. But he couldn't put it down.
Action packed. Great stuff.
pinch it from my mate at work, glad I did. Well done John Marsh.
Brilliant - short but straight to the point. Could not put it down.
Fast fast action paced book. Loved it.
fantastic book....very true to life!!
Great read. Gripped from the start. Recommended it my mates.
Great, honest, tell-it-how-it-is novel. Chris has certainly been there and certainly done it.
Brought me back to the days of my youth and the time I served in the Army. Great book, humour, violence, as a soldier.
My Train journey has never been so short!!
A great read, resulted in a few late nights...
A very entertaining and pacey read.
A fresh fast paced thriller that breathes a new lease of life into the Military Thriller Genre...
A Great little thriller that had me not wanting to put it down
A different look at life in the army. It is fictional but many think it is autobiographical and swear they know the characters and events. How can you when it is made up... Or is it... You decide.
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