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The Shaping of Water
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The Shaping of Water

By Ruth Hartley
ISBN 9781783061990
Summer 2014


A character-driven story, following the different but overlapping lives of those who are connected to a ramshackle cottage by a man-made lake in Central Africa during the Liberation wars across its region. The characters are connected in ways they can't imagine by past secrets and future tragedies.

Author's Biography

Born on an African farm in 1943, Ruth Hartley attended Art School in Cape Town. She has travelled back and forth between the UK and Africa over her life, spending her most recent years travelling throughout Europe. She now lives in France.


Price £9.99

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Reader Comments

An essential read for those who were in Central Africa during those troubled times. A lively story with strong characters who irritate and delight as they spring to life.
Everyone should read and vote for Ruth's book. She deserves to win.
This is an epic book and deserves to be a winner!
Lovely read. Historically and politically informative; well paced with interesting character complexities
A haunting pilgrimage through years I have known
Well written & very evocative.
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