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Subtitle We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny
By Steve Chambers
Published by Zymurgy Publishing
ISBN 978 1903506 387
Category thriller/crime/mystery
Spring 2014


TV journalist John Bradley discovers a murderous, conspiracy during the 1980s miners strike.Twenty years later the past comes back to find him. John’s search for the truth takes him on a journey through Europe. Operation Gladio was an undercover organisation in western Europe sponsored and supported by the CIA.

Author's Biography

Steve Chambers is an established dramatist, he has written for Casualty and Byker Grove, adapted Waterland, Grapes of Wraith and Robinson Crusoe for BBC Radio 4's clasic serial in addition to many original works for radio. He currently co-writes long running Radio 4 programme Highlites. Gladio is his first novel.



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Reader Comments

This is a great read! An excellent thriller that would make a brilliant film or television series. It's based on real-life events, 'Operation Gladio', and skilfully weaves fact into page-turning fiction. Complex and exciting--it keeps you guessing right to the end.
great read
I really enjoyed reading Gladio. Exciting, entertaining, plus interesting and politically relevant.
Gladio draws you into Britain of recent history with revelations and reminders - the miners battle against new Thatcherite Tories - the brutality of the IRA and their loyalist enemies - woven into the libertarian loves and lives of the 1980s media and the growing feminist movement. Written with great pace and authenticity by Steve Chambers it'll make a brilliant film. Read it first and discover the organisation so mysterious it would test Smiley's People to the limit.
A book that needed writing
Couldn't put it down, gripping.
Breathtakingly exciting. Great narrative drive and very topical
A great novel - pace,intrigue and action!
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