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The Paradise Trees
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The Paradise Trees

By Linda Huber
Published by Legend Press
ISBN 9781909593572
Category Thriller
Spring 2014


A the gripping and suspenseful psychological thriller. The novel follows the story of Alicia, who returns to her small hometown in Yorkshire to look after her ill father. Whilst there she becomes pre-occupied coping with the memories of her violent childhood, missing the imminent danger that her young daughter now faces. The realism of Linda’s characterisation is a result of her past training and work with neurological patients.

Author's Biography

Linda Huber was raised in Glasgow and trained in physiotherapy. Her writing is heavily influenced by her experience learning about methods of behaviour and how different people react and deal with stressful situations. Linda now lives in Arbon, Switzerland where she works as a language teacher, based at a school in a 12th century castle. Linda 

has had over 50 short stories and articles published. The Paradise Trees is Linda’s debut novel.


'An emotionally intelligent thriller - a little gem of a book.' --International bestselling author Caro Ramsay


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