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By William Roy Pipes
Published by Ecanus Publishing
ISBN 9780957412682
Spring 2014


First Appalachian novel:  A story of danger, suspense, romance, and intrigue interwoven with the history and culture of the Appalachians.  
Darby, named after a small community in Wilkes County, North Carolina begins in 1895 when George Woodard, a rocky soil farmer, dram drinker, father, and husband is murdered. Floyd Caldwell, also a farmer, found Woodard standing in Elk Creek.  Caldwell is blamed by the Woodard family for his murder.
Events that have devastating effects.

Author's Biography

William Roy Pipes has written one other full novel, “Doodlebug” “Doodlebug, Your House is on Fire and is presently working on a third novel, “Hanging Dog. Both of these are also Appalachian novels.



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Reader Comments

Roy Pipes is a marvelous storyteller and keeps the plot moving along in this great Appalachian Tale!
I enjoy most books that are written about Appalacia and it's people. Makes me feel closer to them.
Great human interest as well as place history. Could understand the language and typical situations as they related to the area covered.
This is an engaging, must-read novel.
Darby is an Appalachian Novel
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