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The Falling Sky
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The Falling Sky

By Pippa Goldschmidt
Published by Freight Books
ISBN 9781908754141
Category Science fiction
Spring 2014


A blackly comic campus satire combined with a heart-breaking family mystery, The Falling Sky brilliantly mixes fiction and astronomy into a fascinating, compelling and moving narrative.

Author's Biography

Pippa Goldschmidt grew up in London, and lives in Edinburgh. She has a PhD in astronomy and worked as an astronomer for several years, followed by working in outer space policy. In 2012 Pippa was awarded a Scottish Book Trust/Creative Scotland New Writers Award. The Falling Sky is her first novel and was runner-up in the Dundee International Book Prize.


'A delicate and fascinating study of a life in which intellect and external microscopic and cosmic fields interact.' - Stephen Fry 

'It's a complex portrait, handsomely done: proof if proof be needed that astronomers are people, too.' - The New Scientist 

'Beautifully written, with many flashes of dark humour, it is fascinating... and is also a terrific portrayal of one woman's struggle with past tragedy…' - The Daily Mail 

'The Falling Sky is beautifully written, uniting the cosmological and personal with effortless grace.' - Alastair Reynolds 


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Reader Comments

A lovely first book. And good to see that scientists are human, too.
This is a good read that gives an insight into how science is done, not only procedurally but also in terms of the politics of institutions, funding and personal ambition.
A great first novel which deserves the praise and shortlistings it's received already. Seamlessly blends astronomy and the wider universe with the detail of day-to-day life and affairs of the heart - and a wry look at academia, worthy of David Lodge. Looking forward to more from this fine writer..
A wonderful debut.
Beautifully observed, particularly on the different levels we live our lives at - some highly ordered, others deeply chaotic
Particularly enjoyed the atmospheric writing and the family interactions
I found this book fascinating. The authors knowledge and experience of science is woven beautifully with life, love & loss.
Absolutely loved this book - beautifully written.
A great book from a great author! I look forward to reading more of Pippa's work in the future.
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