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The Snake and the Condor
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The Snake and the Condor

By Robert Southam
Published by Frazer & Montaigne
ISBN 9780954503840
Category Romance, adventure, ideas
Spring 2014


 The Snake and the Condor is a Romeo and Juliet story set in London and South America at the time of Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. It is a story of love and adventure. It is also a deeply intelligent study of tyranny, poverty and exploitation in Latin America

Author's Biography

Robert Southam graduated from Oxford and has since worked as an actor, director, university teacher and film-maker. He knows South America well, from the Amazon to southern Chile, and has lived in the shanty-towns of Lima and with the impoverished indigenous people of the Andes. This is his second novel.


Robert Southam's vertiginous tale of the flight of two lovers from across the racial and class divide... A compelling and emotional experience. Paul Simon, The Morning Star


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