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Marcus Aurelius

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Marcus Aurelius

By Alan Stedall
ISBN 978-0-85683-236-9
Category Mind & Body
August 2009


Relying on the Greek philosophical tradition of dialectic to tease out answers to questions about the meaning and purpose of life we all face, the author offers a rational basis for moral behaviour and a virtuous life. The philosophy is based on the Meditations of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Author's Biography

Alan Stedall, a one-time cartographic surveyor for the Ordnance Survey, moved into the field of IT and has since held directorships at a number of world-class UK companies. A believer in principle-centred leadership, his later career has involved leading teams through projects effecting major and business-critical change.


‘The Dialogues are eminently readable and immediate ... in places irresistible. [They lead] the modern reader easily into an ancient world with familiar problems’ - The Philosopher

‘These are words I want to remember. Yes, Stedall is a word master, and without any cheap tricks or somersaults, he had me instantly intrigued’ - The Smoking Poet                                            
‘I was drawn deeper and deeper into the simple but solid reasoning. Stedall's imagined dialogue had me fully in the present’ - Midwest Book Review

Price £9.95 Hardback

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Reader Comments

A wonderfully constructed book on a most interesting subject.
A book of profound insight and wisdom... everybody, regardless of age or circumstance, will find themselves smiling at the beautifully simple messages of truth, light and dignity it contains.
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