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People of the Great Journey
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People of the Great Journey

Subtitle Would you go if you were called?
By O. R. Melling
Published by Hay House UK
ISBN 9781781802076
Category Fantasy, metaphysical & visionary
Spring 2014


 Olwen Mellory is called away from her life as a writer of fairy tales to take part in a week-long retreat on a remote Scottish island. 'The Great Journey' promises to be full of magical wisdom and visionary experiences. It's an invitation she can't resist.

Author's Biography

O.R. Melling has a BA in Philosophy and Celtic Studies and an MA in Mediaeval Irish History. Her award-winning books have been published worldwide and translated into many languages.



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Reader Comments

This is a fascinating psychological and philosophical thriller, tracing the quest of a writer of fairy tales to seek the truth about her life
This is a very well written book. Apart from engaging the reader's interest the English flows very well indeed.
Truly an inspired and inspiring book. I not only enjoyed it the first time I read it, I plan on re-reading it. It's full of treasures in imagery, language, plot, and wisdom.
Brilliant piece of spiritual writing.
Great book. Had to read it in one sitting.
Fantastic story! Could not put it down. I read it then had to read it again!
Great read!
Exciting, Magical read! - Highly recommend!!!
I have not read this book, but I love all of O.R. Melling books.
Fascinating content, well researched and nicely paced
have read all her books . . a natural storyteller . . she makes it seem so easy . . ​just float along . . seamless
We all have a spiritual journey through life, this book encourages people to find it without fear, we need this encouragement in the world today by people of the great journey.
Loved it!
An amazing read, loved it, have read it twice and plan to reread again.
A wonderful read, Val, and congratulations!!!
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