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Stop Dead
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Stop Dead

By Leigh Russell
Published by No Exit Press
ISBN 978-1-84243-858-9 
Category Crime
Spring 2014


When a successful businessman is brutally murdered, the police suspect his wife and her lover. Then the victim's business partner suffers the same fate and yet another body is discovered, baffling the police. With this steady stream of bodies, can DI Geraldine Steel find the killer before another attack?

Author's Biography

Leigh Russell studied at University of Kent, gaining an English MA. For years a secondary school English teacher, she’s a writing tutor for adults. She’s married with two daughters, living in North-West London. Her debut, Cut Short, was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award in 2010.


'taut and compelling'

- Peter James

'Leigh Russell is one to watch'

- Lee Child

'A brilliant talent in the thriller field.'

- Jeffery Deaver

Russell's books just keep on getting better and this one is by far her best. Well written and a really good read; Highly Recommended.

- Euro Crime


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Reader Comments

amazing books amazing author
Great read!
Part of a great crime series.
Great writing, taut thriller
brilliant book
love Leigh Russells work..she deserves recognition..
A really good read, not to be missed.
Gripping story!
Terrific heroine.
Great writer. Fabulous book.
Lovely lady and a great story-teller.
Leigh Russell is an absolute joy to interview on her brilliant books!
Excellent thriller from the always-excellent Russell
Really enjoyed the book & loving her writing
A most enjoyable read. Keep up the good work, Leigh!
Fantastic book, could not put it down, kept me reading into the night.
Another winner!
Brilliant read.
looking forward to more from this thrilling writer
It moves fast, is original and characters are believable. Scary reading. Well researched and exciting.
Love all Leigh's books! Excellent reads, every one--and STOP DEAD is no exception.
Great stuff
Brilliant crime fiction
Recently stumbled on a book signing by Leigh,glad I did,now on my 3rd Geraldine Steel novel....brilliant read!
Well-written and thrilling - in a word, fabulous!
great writer
Once you start reading Leigh Russell, you can't stop!
It's fab
Have read all Leigh's books to date, and have never been disappointed yet....
Brilliant book and a brilliant writer!
Found this book by accident and OMG, what a find! I've read the series and am awaiting more from Leigh Russell.
One always wants to turn the pages - thank you!
totally gripping. best crime book I have read.
Could not put down
Excellent read, as are all of Leigh Russell's books. Brilliant writer.
Brilliant book, a proper page turner
Brilliant, intriguing storyline, leaving you itching for more Geraldine Steele
great reading all round have enjoyed all her books so far
I'm currently reading this and loving it! Well done Leigh
Leigh Russell is a brilliant contribution to British crime authors circle, I always enjoy her books.
I have read Cornwell, Slaughter, and Reich but Leigh Russell has brought a whole new experience in crime / forensics to the forefront. Love every read, want more. No 1 winner.
An intriguing police procedural. I have read all in this series.
Another winner!!
Brilliant, as are all Leigh's books. Success in winning would be well deserved.
A fantastic book by a fab author
Leigh Russell is quite brilliant. It is rare these days in crime fiction to be distinctive and be so original. Totally addictive.
gripped me from beginning to end - more please!
Leigh Russell's books get better and better
I love Leigh Russell. Stop Dead is a great read! Definitely get my vote!
I've loved all Leigh Russell's books, this is the best so far. Creepily believable, scary and unputdownable!
its a grand book all the series is, never can put them down till have finished.
Fantastic book loved every minute of it and couldn't wait for the next one to be released.
An excellent book which would be a worthy winner
I simply got addicted to Leigh's books. She is able to draw a very real picture of her novel's characters.
Leigh Russell is one of the best crime authors I have read in awhile. Her characters are very well drawn and unique, and the mysteries are always complex and edgy. You can't go wrong with Leigh Russell.
Another fantastic read from Leigh Russell. An edge of your seat ride.
She's #1 at everything. That record speaks for itself!
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