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Diva Dave and Fat Sue
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Diva Dave and Fat Sue

By Gez Walsh
ISBN 978 1 909548 29 9
Category Humour
Spring 2014


Some people stumble through life, while others sail through; but David Hardy and Susan Hopkins crash through life, oblivious of the destruction they leave behind them! They have one dream, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it; to win "The Factory", the biggest talent show on TV. These two ordinary young friends are not what they seem, because collectively they are ‘Diva Dave and Fat Sue’ and they think they know how to achieve superstardom. David will dress in women’s clothing and sing songs from the shows, while Sue accompanies him on bluegrass banjo. How can they fail?

Author's Biography

Gez Walsh burst on to the poetry scene in 1997 with The Spot on My Bum, and has since written many other poetry collections and novels for children and young adults. This is his third and most recent book in the Twisted Minds series of young adult fiction.



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Reader Comments

Fab author!!
A great story .. Kept me giggling throughout.
Awesome, humorous work of fiction. I loved it!
A touching story of two young oddball friends. Warm, funny and quite touching, I loved it.
A wonderful story of true friends.
This is a very funny book. I love the wry take on the TV talent shows!
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