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Tiny Acts of Love
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Tiny Acts of Love

By Lucy Lawrie
ISBN 9781845027216
Category Fiction
Spring 2014


Never has marriage, motherhood and being a working mum been so seriously funny! 

Arriving home with her new baby daughter Sophie, employment lawyer Cassie opens her email to find she has 104 new messages in her inbox, all with the subject ‘48 Stitches Later’. To Cassie’s horror, her overlyexcited husband Jonathan has sent a grisly blow-by-blow account of Cassie’s labour – plus attached photo – to everyone in her contacts list, including her clients! 

Author's Biography

Lucy Lawrie worked as a lawyer for several years, specialising in employment and pensions law. Then, on maternity leave, she unearthed a primary two homework book in which she’d stated, in very wobbly handwriting: ‘I want to be an AUTHOR when I grow up.’ So, to keep her six-year-old self happy, she wrote her first novel.



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