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Sabre Six: File 51
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Sabre Six: File 51

By Jamie Fineran
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780957156838
Category Thriller
Spring 2014


 Michael Fox an ex-SAS soldier who now works as a mercenary, meets an old friend from the Regiment who asks him to do a favour, he is suddenly deep in the governments pocket, and working for the British Intelligence Agency MI5.

Author's Biography

Jamie is a former soldier in the Second Battalion, the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, went through selection with reserve SAS.

Jamie started writing back in 1995, when he was asked by his Lieutenant to write up reports for the patrol in Northern Ireland.  He found a new interest in writing and started to recall his experience in Northern Ireland. 

Now some years later, Jamie's debut novel is a military based fiction book. Jamie is married to Debbie and lives on the Isle of Wight with one child and a dog called Griffer.



Living up to the Hype - Airsoft Action Magazine.

Fantastic Debut Novel, Absolute Good Read - Phil Campion author of Born Fearless


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Reader Comments

I loved this book easy to read and had me from page one lots of army humor made me laugh and cry at the ending looking forward to reading Area 52
A great read - compact, fast-paced and thrilling.
Full in action adventure story. Flipping Great!!!
Great first book
a good read
A non stop journey of action, humour and emotions.
A breath of fresh air in the soldier genre
A great thrill ride of a book.
Exciting read. Could not put it down.Well deserves an award.
If you want a truly fast paced action packed story with no bars held, this is for you! its got a bit of everything, violence, sex, humour, romance and twists.
I got bough this book for christmas and I am getting his second novel for my birthday! Wish the book was longer, as I was so engrossed I couldn't put it down. Well done Jamie Fineran
Borrowed this book from my dad not knowing what to expect really, but I was hooked from the first chapter, loved the little dog!
I love military/army style books and this one did not disappoint. Fast is an understatement! I couldn't put it down.
A great thrill ride of an adventure. A book that is fast paced and has you glued. 'Warning' do not read on the Tube as this may result in a missed stop.
Great read and really recommend to people who like fast paced action thrillers
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