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A Departure
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A Departure

By Tom Ward
ISBN 9781908910851
Category Science Fiction/Thriller
Spring 2014


 Michael's life is good.  He's in love and about to leave home for university. Things couldn't be better.

Then a natural disaster hits Britain. A Departure is a tale of coming of age on a road where rules no longer apply.

Author's Biography

 Tom Ward is a 23 year-old British writer and winner of the GQ Norman Mailer Award. He is represented by the Johnson & Alcock Literary Agency, and also writes for Huffington Post and Sabotage Times. He has been described as 'Quite possibly the best young writer in the country' by Best selling author Tony Parsons



"A shockingly good debut novel about what happens when one world brutally ends and a new world begins. self-consciously elbows its way into the company of J.G. Ballard’s Empire of the Sun and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – and like those great books, it will stay with you for long after you have read the final page. A cracking good read that has at its black heart hope, humanity and a dream of escape. 

Tony Parsons, International Bestselling Author of Man and Boy 


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Reader Comments

Absolutely fantastic debut novel, great character development with a gripping story. I cannot wait to see more from Tom.
Gripped from start to finish. Great read and an excellent debut novel.
Any book which explores the (almost) extinction of the human race does it for me..! Wonderfully descriptive as well.
A brilliant novel!
Absolutely fantastic debut novel, great character development with a gripping story. I cannot wait to see more from Ward.
I'm sad that so many SF books are so depressing right now. I hope that the people who enjoy these zombie and plague books do enjoy them, but I would like a return to something more hopeful.
A brilliant read, I couldn't put it down. The perfect mix of happiness and tragedy with so many twists! Can't wait for Tom Wards next nevel and the many more after that. He's just brilliant
and excellent read;recommended.
Thoroughly engaging - a fresh new voice in British literature!
Great read. Very surprising this is his first novel. Expecting fantastic things!
A wonderful novel full of ambition and talent
One of the best novels I've read in a long time.
If a different book deserves to win, I'll eat my hat.
A most gripping read.
Really interesting and brilliant book, would highly recommend
Brilliant gritty read.
Simply wonderful, this guy is going places!
Incredible young author
a talented writer!
Gripping and thought provoking in equal measure. Clear description, sensitive imagery and very strong characters. One of my favourite books I have read for years.
Top Read!
Amazing book!
Absolutely incredible debut novel. Giving me confidence in the future of British Literature.
Great talent, great new writer
This is a very interesting and engrossing novel.
A thrilling read.
A great story!
It's a belter. I loved every page and can't wait for Ward's next release. An extraordinary debut.
Brilliant book by a very talented writer.
Brilliant story full of surprising twists and a sense of realism in an event that you can only hope doesn't ever come true.
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