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Subtitle Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London
By Gareth E Rees
Published by Influx Press
ISBN 9780957169395
Category psychedelic psychogeography
Spring 2014


Marshland is a deep-map of the East London marshes; a blend of weird fiction, history, folklore - where nothing is quite as it seems.
Cocker spaniel by his side, Rees wanders the marshes of Hackney, Leyton and Walthamstow, embarking on a psychedelic journey across time into the dark heart of London.

Author's Biography

Gareth E. Rees is a freelance writer, visiting research fellow at Plymouth University, and author of The Marshman Chronicles, a very popular blog about East London’s marshes.


 Reviews Max 25 words each listing source: name of publication
"This is first-class writing that slithers between genres like an eel in a library. One day, all books will be written like this." - The Londonist

"Marshland is essential reading – a psychedelic trip into London’s secret wilderness." - John Rogers (author of The Other London)

“Layered London, black, funny, marshy, full of horrible vigour & hidden channels.” - M John Harrison

"A book of stand out originality" - The Hackney Citizen

"Rees is an annuated, psychogeographic Tintin, complete with Snowy, but confined by grown-up responsibilities." - The Dabbler.
Price £11.99

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Reader Comments

An exceptional book. Makes me want to explore this authors work more. Thankyou Gareth E. Rees!
I love The Marsh and The River Lea so this book was perfect for me
I loved this book. Beautiful and imaginative visions of a decaying/changing landscape with wonderful illustrations.
Imagionative, bizarre, and truely brilliant.
Simply a great book.
Rees, in Marshland, proves himself a most worthy writer and successor to the likes of Hunter S Thompson and Will Self. Except, in the first instance he's British and, secondly, he's much more entertainingly strange. Looking forward to a murder mystery account of Uncle Toby in eighteenth century Soho next. With drawings.
I have a lot to say about Gareth Rees's Marshland. It really and truly is unlike anything I've read before -- a mix of the factual and the fantastical, a dash of historical fiction and speculative fiction. I live near the places where much of this book takes place, and when I walk past those places now, none of them look the same -- I keep thinking about Gareth Rees's book. I want to read Marshland again to figure out how the hell Gareth Rees did what he did. For now, I would say that, if you haven't read Marshland, read it.
I loved it!
Highly imaginative.
This book defies categorisation. It is very well written from beginning to end. A gem.
Great book and and captures the imagination that evokes an array of emotions about the marshes.
Better than cats.
A magnificent book that incites wonder. Often surprising and moving 'Marshland' is unique, eloquent and tantalisingly immersive.
An imaginative and time-warped tale of a unique and hidden piece of London....
Not having lived in Hackney, this book makes me want to explore the rich variety of Hackney life and it's mysteries.
Once started, I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. Superb angle on the Hacnkey Marshes.
Where strange and mundane meet on the marshes. Dizzying and odd, but with a wonderfully self-deprecating humour. The post-Olympic landscape of East London is explored meticulously. Perhaps almost TOO meticulously...
Loved it. Quirky and great.
Top banana.
An epic unfolding of marsh-gravity by Rees from a powerhouse publisher
It's absolutely brilliant, very inspiring and unpredictable in the best way
Great original style, a wonderful read! A fascinating journey through East London’s Marshes, a clever mixture of fiction and fact. The book is well illustrated too
With strands of historical fact, real life experience and mysterious imaginings, Rees masterfully weaves a unique narrative that brings alive the wonder of rambling the ancient Lea Marshes as modernity encroaches at the edges.
love this.
This book made me fall back in love with a part of my local area and for that is invaluable. It is also well written, funny and informative.
The intriguing cover opens to reveal superb content - brilliant.
Funny, original and imaginative.
Inspiring, unique and beautifully written
Marvellous! Thought provoking illustrations.
A remarkable exploration of multi-dimensional place - Rees explores his world with a keen open mind, and is adept at taking us along for the ride. Exquisite.
This book is not only very funny and captivating, it also brilliantly captures spot on the mood of one of north east London's hidden gems. It's a keeper!
An enchanting history of a mysterious part of London. Wonderfully illustrated.
Grammar wanker Rees has produced a splendid book.
Gareth Rees' unique blend of fact, fiction, autobiography and stunning photography is assembled with a stunning attention to detail, a staggering amount of information, and a large amount of passion and intrigue. He makes you re-investigate the place you live, wherever that may be.
Brilliant book lovely images and great depth! Highly recommend!!
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