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Some Girls’ Mothers
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Some Girls’ Mothers

By Anne Caldwell
ISBN 978-1901927399
Category Family
July 2009


Do daughters step into their mothers' shoes? How does this central relationship colour women's lives? The tales in this anthology address these questions with honesty and vigour, weaving humour and warmth into the telling of small but significant tragedies.

Price £8.99 Paperback

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‘Touching, Wounding and Humbling’ Simon Armitage.

‘Portrays the peculiar dance of independent daughters trying to guide their mothers toward more truthful communication. Recommended’ – Diva.

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Reader Comments

Fabulous book , wonderful live performance. Deserves a wider audience and much success
A high-quality collection spanning the emotions.
A moving, poignant and revealing book, certainly worth the category prize
I loved this anthology. It was very special and saw it performed by the authors. Very special.
Heart warming, touching and tinged with humour. Excellent anthology.
I was enriched by the understanding of the web of dependency and separation and thought afresh of my mother and my daughter...
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