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Operation Pied Piper
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Operation Pied Piper

By Jean Daish
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 9781848972810
Winter 2013


Six young evacuees are separated from their families in Leeds at the start of World War II and sent to Padstow in Cornwall to escape the bombing.

The children form close friendships and the war seems far away until, that is, they see a mysterious light at a cliff top window.

Author's Biography

Jean Daish was born in Leeds and is the wife of a Royal Air Force Officer. Along with son Andrew and daughter Susannah, the family became used to moving throughout Great Britain and overseas. Following twenty-seven house moves during their time with the RAF, Jean and her husband are now settled in Buckinghamshire.


Price: £6.99

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Reader Comments

A gentle story set in Cornwall about the second world war, with lively characters and plot. The book presents the atmosphere of the times very well whilst adding knowledge of the war for young readers between the ages of seven and eleven.
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