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Never Ever
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Never Ever

By Jo Empson
ISBN 9781846435515
Winter 2013


 Nothing ever happens to me. 
Never, ever. Ever, never. Nothing. 

Or does it?

 â€¨â€¨â€¨Jo Empson’s debut picture book Rabbityness was published to universal acclaim in 2012. 

Never, Ever displays her inimitable sense of fun, her love of storytelling and surprise, and her delight in the magical world of the imagination.

Author's Biography

Jo Empson lives in Wiltshire, and graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters in Children’s Book Illustration. Her illustrations are inspired by nature, expressing this through texture and movement with a strong sense of shape, color and design. Children's books remain her passion.


 Price: £5.99

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Reader Comments

Lovely book, beautifully illustrated
Another charming book from Jo Empson, which, like her previous work, Rabbityness, appeals to both children and adults alike.
love the fiesty female character, the subtle use of images to carry the story foraward, the momentum in the words and the delghtful surprise at the end.
Fantastic book!
Beautiful illustrated, deceptively simple, a must-read for teachers and librarians.
Great book!
This is a very imaginative little story, and as ever with Jo's children's books, beautifully illustrated - Let's see many, many more, Jo
I was convinced nothing interesting or exciting ever happened to me when I was a child but when later in life I related childhood experiences to my contemporaries and, lo and behold, that could be me wandering through this lovely book. Brilliant!!
A wonderful book which captures adult's as well as children's delight and imagination. I love reading it to my grandchildren.
A charming story which would entertain and entice an enquiring child, who might wonder if the little girl will ever discover all of the amazing things that are happening around her. Once again Jo Empson has captured the readers mind by her detailed and enchanting illustrations. A must have for your child's or classroom bookshelf.
Fabulous! A simple, touching tale told in joyous, sensitive drawings!
Looks like a brilliant, fun book for children!
Amazing book by an amazing person!
A fantastic picture book for all to enjoy:)
Jo Empson's NEVER EVER affirms that every day is an adventure for little ones and reminds big ones too! Exciting and fun all the way through, with a surprise finale... We ALWAYS come back to this book at story time.
Wonderfully illustrated book and a great subject, a must for any child's bookshelf
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