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The Kid on Slapton Beach
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The Kid on Slapton Beach

By Felicity Fair Thompson
Published by Wight Diamond Press
ISBN 978-0-9535123-2-4
Spring 2014


It's hard leaving everything you know and love.

Young Harry is one of three thousand people leaving the UK Devon coast in the Second World War as U.S. troops move into the area for secret D-Day rehearsals in April 1944.

But what if your most treasured possession is left behind?

Author's Biography

Felicity Fair Thompson was born in Australia. After a short career as a dancer in UK, she spent several years in management at London's Odeon Leicester Square. Settling on the Isle of Wight, she writes poetry and fiction, has written and directed fourteen travel films, and teaches Creative Writing.


'It made me cry.' Andrea at the Dartmouth Community Book Shop

The Harbour Bookshop Kingsbridge Books of the Year 2013 The Kid on Slapton Beach is number three - and as the owner pointed out that's wonderful because they have only had it since late Oct - Numbers 1 and 2 they'd had all year!

The Books of the Year listing In their News letter:
No 3: The Kid on Slapton Beach
'A story with a strong local connection, the evacuation of the South Hams'

This book is beautiful. You can't stop reading even though you don't want it to end. The writing is sparse yet full of feeling without a trace of sentimentality. I understood and cared about these people. In this imaginative tale about families who reacted to a true historical event, I wanted to know what happened next. A jewel!   Actress June Brown - Dot in East Enders
A wonderful book ... superb on so many levels... I couldn't put it down. 
Michelle Magorian Author of 'Goodnight Mr Tom'

Price: £8.99

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Reader Comments

An evocative and interesting story,very well and sensitively written
Riveting from start to finish this heart-wrenching drama of uprooted lives is beautifully written. The dialogue between the characters is natural and convincing. The atmospheric descriptions of domestic situations and coastal scenes with the moods of the sea make you feel that you are actually there.
An excellent read and a neat coincidence that the 70th Anniversary of D-Day is so imminent.
I couldn't put this book down - poignant and powerful, I found myself rooting for Harry. Embracing the tragic, the author has not side-stepped the horrors of war, yet it is still written in such a way that a young person can read and take on board the circumstances. This book is thoroughly recommendable!
Got more and more riveting as the story progressed. Very interesting and important part of British history.
Would be a very worthy winner
I enjoyed reading "The Kid on Slapton Beach". What an evocative, emotional journey this book gave me.
Set against the background of a true, but almost unbelievable event in the second world war this is an exciting and moving story of a young boy coming to terms with the reality of life, death and growing up. Fast moving and compelling, a very good read.
Will keep you hooked to the end.
loved this book, really captured the era
A brilliant read and one that leaves one wanting more - or a sequel.
Very interesting book, beautifully written.
Very poignant read
A very good read on a subject only recently brought to public attention.
This book is a pleasure to read.
US troops took part in secret D-Day rehearsals at Slapton Sands on the Devon coast - nearly a thousand young men lost their lives - a secret hidden for over fifty years. A fascinating story - Twelve year old Harry will really tug at your heart strings.
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