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The Whitby Dancer
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The Whitby Dancer

By P Ardern
ISBN 978-1857566741
Category Teen Fiction
July 2009


Billy’s mother books them a holiday to Whitby Folk Week hoping to recapture her carefree youth. Billy sees a girl he'd seen when they first arrived, being pushed around by a sinister-looking man. Who is this girl? And who is this man? Billy becomes involved in his most dangerous adventure yet.

Author's Biography

Peter Arden was born in South Cheshire, 1952. He spent his early years as a farm worker, British Rail Plate-layer, postman and gardener, before training to teach.  He then taught inner-city teenagers for seventeen years.  He still works as a supply teacher as well as being a published author. He is now concentrating on the Billy Ingham series.


Price £7.95 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Deserves a wider audience!
Delightful reading. Much factual information woven in the story lines.
Utterly compelling and a treat for the mind, read it and then you will be the one endorsing it to your friends...
The two books in the series are well written and I recommend that all you teens and adults out there read them both (It's worth it just for 'Twiggy'!)
Thoroughly enjoyable and a book you won't want to put down
A clever and well thought-out plot that hooks the reader
A worthwhile read
Fantastic, I challenge you to find a better book from a relatively unknown author
One of those books that you are glad that you have read, a worthwhile read.
As I come from Whitby originally I was intrigued and proud of the title so I bought it out of a sense of loyalty. Once I read it I could relate to the main character in the book from my own childhood, also as a parent myself I could see life through the mum's eyes. Very clever plot, strong characters and language that makes you smile. An undiscovered gem of a book!
Great book, loving Twiggy the dog!
My sister bought me Supergeek the first book as a joke and I loved it. The Whitby Dancer is even better.
A friend from University recommended the author to me and I love the two books that he has written.
Billy Ingham is a character that is easy to relate to and the use of language is endearing and universal. I urge you to read the first couple of chapters-you will not put it down after that.
loved it! It's a real good story (Jayden, 13)
I thoroughly recommend that you read this book, didn't think much to the front cover as it lacked colour but the content was nothing short of brilliant. As they say don't judge a book by it's cover! Compliments to the author.
I'm 16 and I really enjoyed the book, lent it to my mum and she loved it too!
cracking read - deserves 1st place
great book. even better than the first!
very good read Christine Bellamy
An interesting read for young people.Something different with quality and depth.
Fantastic writer, hard to put book down!
Fantastic Read
Top book, read it twice now
A fine and distinctive book, superior to the mass produce of literature available for children and young teens. The depth that the author adds in order to set the scene is utterly compelling.
Great book, next one please!
Fantasic reading, a superb writer. Hope to read some more of this authors work in the future.
Great read.
The book was cool, i really liked the story
More of the same please!
Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to my little boy. He loved it so much that I am currently re-reading it to him!
Coming from Whitby I was drawn to the book - it is a clever story that you will want to read over and over again.
loved this book!
Fantastic read!!
My husband urged me to read the first book and I have never looked back since. The second installment touched upon feelings that I haven't felt since I was a child - 10 out of 10!
Written from the heart, fresh and innovative writing that delves into brilliance.
As a Primary school teacher I read the book to my class, they loved it! I recommend it to you!
Fantastic! A great read for people of all ages. Hard to decide which was better the first or the sequel, both utterly compelling. Cannot wait for the third installment.
Fantastic book, can't wait for 3rd in the series!!
Another triumph.
A Good read. Another Triumph.
An excellent book in the excellent Billy Ingham series of adventures. Ardern does a fantastic job in bringing complex and contemporary issues to a young audience. Keep 'em coming!
Keep Billy Ingham coming !!
Excellent book, where is the next one please!!
I loved this book, the Billy Ingham series has captured my imagination and makes me yearn for more
A great book by a great bloke! Highly recommended.
I really enjoyed this book. I know Whitby really well as obviously the author does - it was like a trip down memory lane with a very interesting storyline. Well done!
I enjoyed this Billy Ingham adventure very much. It is set in Yorkshire and touches on things like people trafficking and the history of Albania! It is as far away from soap or fantasy as you can get, and does not talk down to teenagers.
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