The People's Book Prize Shortlist 2009/10 - Non Fiction :: Fiction :: Children

Brett Alegre-Wood - The 3+ 1 Plan, The Insider's Way to Achieve Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties - Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978 0 9539 119 8 1 Category Personal Finance - Winner TPBP September 2009
Brett Alegre-Wood - Peoples Book Prize 
Brett Alegre-Wood was born and educated in Australia and now lives and works in London. He is the founder and chairman of the leading free property investment & education website in the UK -

Sally Farmiloe-Neville - Sensual Pleasures and the Art of Morphing into a Health Goddess Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 978 095391 1998 - Winner TPBP May 2010
Sally Farmiloe - Peoples Book Prize
Sally Farmiloe-Neville is an accomplished actress who recently appeared in the West End. A model, presenter and Celebrity Fashion/ Fitness/ Beauty Editor of Hot Gossip UK. Sally is a member of MENSA and a MENSA Business Woman of the Year. A keen charity fundraiser, Sally lives in London with her husband Jeremy, daughter Jade, Katherine and assorted pets.

Brian Landers - Published by Picnic Publishing Ltd ISBN 978-0955861321 Category History - TPBP Winner July 2009 Brian Landers - Peoples Book prize
Brian Landers defies classification - author, businessman, public servant, charity worker. He has held senior positions in industry, the Prison Service and the Financial Ombudsman Service. He has an MBA from the London Business School and is currently a director of Penguin Books.   

Kevin Norley - Making Britain Literate - Published by Imprimata Publishers
ISBN 978-1-906192-38-9 Category Self help - TPBP Winner February 2010
Kevin Norley
Kevin Norley has been a teacher for twenty years, having taught in further education colleges and work-based learning providers within the UK and schools within the UK and Africa (Botswana and Kenya).

Jane Wenham-Jones - Wannabe a Writer? - Published by Accent Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905170814 Category Self help - TPBP Winner August 2009
Jane Wenham-Jones  - Peoples Book Prize
Jane Wenham-Jones is a well-known author and journalist. She writes for women's magazines and the national press and has a humorous weekly column in her local newspaper. She is the author of three novels which have received wide acclaim. She lives with her husband and son in Broadstairs, Kent.

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