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The Little Book of Awe and Wonder
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The Little Book of Awe and Wonder

Subtitle A Cabinet of Curiosities
By Dr Matthew McFall
ISBN 9781781350010
Autumn 2013


Be prepared to experience the inspiring, the weird and the wonderful. Delightful for all ages and a treat for the head, hand and heart.

Find here a wealth of exhibits to make you appreciate the world anew. Things to find, stimulate your curiosity, make, and explore...

Author's Biography

Dr Matthew McFall, Agent of Wonder at Nottingham University’s Samworth Academy and Associate of Independent Thinking, has gained acclaim for his work in education that includes the use of Wonder Rooms, Mazes, Labyrinths and Puzzles.


"Dr Matthew McFall is an accomplished illusionist and in this delightful book he takes us into a fascinating realm of illusions, puzzles, paradoxes and curiosities, both in words and pictures." -  Dr Allan Chapman, Wadham College, Oxford

"I can’t wait to share this with my child – the conversations it will trigger! The Little Book of Awe and Wonder makes learning fun, reading this makes me happy to be alive." - Dr Lizzie Burns, science-based artist

"Matthew McFall weaves wonder into every page. Like a Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities, this book offers a stimulating mix of the puzzling, the bizarre and the thought-provoking." - Professor Mike Sharples, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University

Price: £12.99

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Reader Comments

One of the best "pick me up, have a flick through, and you won't be able to put me down again" books out there. Intriguing, hilarious, amazing, wondrous, exciting and inspiring - it's a fantastic collection of the weird and the wonderful, the wild and the ever-so-slightly whacky. This book is superb. You NEED this book in your life - trust me, I never lie, even if the author himself may tell a porky here or there within the covers....
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