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No Buts, Becky!

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No Buts, Becky!

By José Patterson
ISBN 9781780886831
Autumn 2013


No Buts, Becky! is a period novel set in the East End of London in 1908. Eleven-year-old Becky is shocked when her widowed father hires a matchmaker to find a new wife. Becky dislikes the prospective ‘new mother’ and determines to prevent the marriage, concocting several schemes to wreck her father’s plans.

Author's Biography

José Patterson is a retired advisory teacher in special education gypsy, fairground and circus children and lives in Oxford. She is now a full-time author of children's non-fiction books. No Buts, Becky! is her first work of fiction.


"A fascinating, entertaining story" – Books Monthly
Price: £6.99

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Reader Comments

Wonderful book!
I like the writing style and generous detail. This book intriguingly presents young readers with a culture, a place and a time about which to learn, all at once.
An interesting and believable story, written from the child's point of view. A good read.
A wonderful story written with sensitivity and humour.
Loved the book, the description of Jewish life aned the sensitivity and wisdom of children. Bought one for a friend's granddaughter - sure she will love it.
I picked this up unintentionally and loved it. A lovely story which all readers can enjoy whatever age.
This is an entrancing book! Very well written and draws you in to the story. The heroine is delightful. I loved it!
This is a truly delightful book that observes early 20th century Jewish family life in the East End through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl who is grieving for her dead mother. Her reaction to the unwelcome prospect of a step-mother is handled sensitively and with gentle humour. It is charming and informative and above all a rattling good read!
Touching, funny, atmospheric story for all ages. Great.
a good read for children and adults.
Most enjoyable
Lovely read.
A lovely story, written in a wonderfully original style
No Buts Becky is a inspirational story extrememly well-written. It will resonate with anyone who has a heart.
A delightful book.
A most enjoyable read bringing back lots of memories
Wonderful writing!
This book was gripping and interesting, loved it!
Fantastic read, loved it!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and having grown up in the East End of London in the early 1930's, I could fully recognise such characters as portrayed in "No Buts. Becky", written by Jose Patterson, with such insight into the mind of an eleven year old girl of that period.
Entertaining and delightful story for children
This is a good book. It explains Jewish in the East End of London at the turn of the century. I enjoyed it very much. You should definitely read it.
A triumph - and what an encouragement for older authors
This book deserves First Place!
Love it!
I really enjoyed this book and have recommended it to many friends. It covers an area of British Jewish History about which very little has been written for the younger reader. The atmosphere of the period is beautifully captured and the writing is accessible. A welcome addition to British literature for children, teenagers and adults.
a delightful book for youngsters
Excellent book by fellow Arch volunteer.Well done!
This is a most unusual book for teen-agers and is both interesting and entertaining.
An enchanting book. Becky Feldman is a brave and clever heroine who resorts to some hilarious ploys in her attempts to foil the planned match between her father and the odious pickled herring woman. A pacy read in which you're so busy turning the pages - whatever age you are - that you don't notice how much fascinating period detail of life in the Jewish East End 100 years ago you're absorbing along the way.
This is a charming book, cleverly evoking the situation as indeed it was at that time, while telling a compulsive tale.
This was an interesting book which gave me a good insight to Judaism.
Delightful story, full of atmosphere.
A warm and engaging story about the lives of a Jewish family living in the East End from the viewpoint of a young girl. I really enjoyed the story and learnt a lot about the Jewish culture. Thoroughly recommend this story to all!
I loved the book! Sparkling, well written, portraying a determined young girl who will not take "no" for an answer. Heartwarming, as she consults and share all her concerns with her dead mother via letters... Evoking an age, long gone by, of the environment both physical and cultural of the Jewish Immigrants who reached the UK at the end of the 19th Century/beginnning of the 20th.
An excellent story for both children and adults (perhaps to be read together) which keeps one guessing to the end. It provides a graphic insight into the lives of Jewish families in London decades ago. I have recommended it strongly to my grand children!
I bought "No buts, Becky!" for my ten-year old grandson but once I started reading I could not put it down until I had finished it. It is a remarkable insight into the life of Russian Jewish refugees, bound together by faith and customs, cramped in tenements in the East End of 1908 London. Becky, the feisty and meddling eleven-year old, is a loved and loveable character and the letters that she writes to her dear dead mother at the end of each chapter are truly moving in their simplicity. Jose Patterson's first book is an extremely enjoyable and memorable read for the whole family.
A very interesting, unusual story for 11-year olds upwards.
A thoroughly enjoyable book for all ages!
This is a wonderful book with vibrant characters and an engaging story; a fascinating cultural insight for both adults and children.
A very good read, well-written, friendly and charmingly illustrated.
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