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The Perfect Pair
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The Perfect Pair

Subtitle The Enchanted Mirror
By David C Holroyd & Tracy J Holroyd
ISBN 9781780882352
Category Historical fiction
Summer 2013


The Perfect Pair: The Enchanted Mirror is the graphic tale of commercial dolphins and the personal account of a young boy’s first love – a love that takes him on a journey deep into the world of the dolphin, casting him into a reality that questions man’s overall appraisal of these people of the sea.

Author's Biography

David Holroyd was first employed as a dolphin presenter at the age of 18, but quickly promoted to trainer. On reaching the top, he left the dolphin industry and became a casino croupier, eventually achieving inspector status. He later moved back to his roots as a signwriter and illustrator. He now also works part-time for a local radio station as an actor and writer. Tracy Holroyd has worked largely as a further education lecturer in ICT, Business Admin and Creative Writing, as well as writing short stories and articles for several national children’s/teen magazines, including Shout and Cool Girl. She published two successful children’s history books in 2011.


'This important story highlights not only the incredible psychic bonding possible between man and dolphins, but also draws the reader’s attention to the major animal welfare implications of keeping wild dolphins in captivity merely for the commercial purpose of entertaining parents and kids.' Simon JR Adams, BSc, BVMS, MRCVS, Zoo & Wildlife Veterinarian and Adviser

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Reader Comments

Simply superb - never read anything like this before. Destined to become a cult read.
A very captivating read!
Brilliant read written with sensetivity.
The Perfect Pair reinforces much of what is bad about Cetaceans in captivity. It is an explicit example of money ruling over humanity.
This is an excellent book, very readable and draws you in right from the start.
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