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Butterflies and Sweaty Palms
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Butterflies and Sweaty Palms

Subtitle 25 sure-fire ways to speak and present with confidence
By Judy Apps
ISBN 9781845907365
Category self-help
Summer 2012


Do you carry a lucky talisman in your pocket to give yourself courage before a big event because you suffer intolerably from performance nerves? Following the exercises in this book will enable you to perform with passion and determination to wow your audience. Helps you to succeed by approaching the problem on many different levels.

Author's Biography

Judy Apps has spent many years unravelling the secrets of how great leaders inspire others, and now runs open creative programmes and coaches leaders in major corporations in voice and communication.


I love the elegance, accessibility and clarity of this book and shall certainly be recommending it to clients and colleagues alike. Kate Burton, coach and author of Live Life, Love Work and For Dummies guides to NLP, coaching and confidence No matter how bad things may seem this invaluable book will give you all the tools you need to become a confident and engaging speaker. Carol Newland, NLP Coach and Trainer …. practical, easy to understand toolkit to get you up and confident in front of a group in a quicker time than you ever thought possible. Paul Matthews, Managing Director, People Alchemy Ltd Price £16.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 02/03/2012

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Reader Comments

Thank you for this opportunity to read this very entertaining and inspiring book
Wonderfully practical book.
Love it!
A true empowerment tool which should get into the hands of many.
really cuts to the chase - its a clear explanation of why things happen rather than a self-help book. A new phenomenon!
This book is an absolute winner!
I love this book. It is a pleasure to read. It is beautifully presented and illustrated. It is full of practical tips, interesting examples, exercises and case studies which are easy to learn and relate to. The book is also inspiring and made me really want to apply the learning and feel that doing so is fulfilling and enjoyable.
A very practical and enabling book, and one i found myself hungry to read and understand.
Judy has the uncanny ability to present very important, and seemingly complex, concepts in a very simple and accessible way. Power to the people!! Thanks Judy!
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