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Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams
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Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams

By Veronica Caddick
ISBN 9781780881249
Category Fantasy/Adventure
Summer 2012


Crystal Cove, 2012: Tilly Puzzle is flabbergasted when a wondrous treasure propels her into an epic adventure. Crystal Cove, 2031: Degrading sweeps have begun to mass-test humans for a terrifying disease when two brothers are lured into a final, dangerous mission through time to find a place of mysterious legend.

Author's Biography

Veronica Caddick has a BA Honours in Performing Arts. Rainbow City and the Edge of Dreams is her debut novel, fantastically woven within the exciting time of now on planet Earth - the adventure to 21st December, 2012 starts here!


Price £ 8.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Fantastic story, beautifully crafted and it certainly held my attention throught its 500 plus pages. RECOMMENDED!!
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