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Get off the Sofa
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Get off the Sofa

Subtitle A prescription for a healthier life
By Andrew Curran
ISBN 9781845904456
Category Non fiction, Health
Summer 2011


If you don`t like plain English don`t read it. If you aren`t prepared to apply it to yourself and take responsibility for your own health, don`t read it. It isn`t a book full of references and science. It`s just a book about being healthy!

Author's Biography

Dr Andrew Curran is a practising paediatric neurologist in Liverpool. He has presented BBC TV s `Make My Body Younger` Series advising people whose excessive lifestyles cause them major health problems.


Remarkable... It puts across the most important health messages in language that anyone can understand.` Christopher Peterson GP `Bloody hell this is good - for all you Jims out there - get off your arse and do something about it!` Ricky Tomlinson Price £12.99 Binding: Paperback

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