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365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm...
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365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm...

Subtitle A Year's Worth of Class Thinking
By Sparky Teaching
ISBN 9781781351154
Summer 2015


Provides an opportunity a day to develop skills like creative thinking, a sense of wonder, logic and decision-making. The book offers teachers ways to provoke thought and start discussion – something schemes of work don't always allow time for and so create classrooms where ordinary things are thought about in less than ordinary ways.

Author's Biography

Based in South Wales, Sparky Teaching is an education company founded by a husband and wife team who are currently concentrating on producing motivational and thinking skills resources for classroom use.


Price £14.99

It will help children to discover talents and passions they didn’t know they had, and encourage them to be the best they can be.  Jill Berry, Former Head and Educational Consultant

 From the challenging introduction 365 Things sparks your thinking into life by making you reflect on the values and messages that you give learners.  Paul Bannister, Head Teacher, Highbank Primary School

 An amazing resource, chock full of questions about maths, logic, crosswords and introspection, it made my head hurt - but in a good way!  Patrick Vennebush, Author, Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

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