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A Sketchy Life
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A Sketchy Life

By Kevin Paul
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780992929855
Category Non-Fiction
Summer 2015


Kevin Paul now is a Celebrity Tattooist. Renown around the world for his inking. It has not always been like that. 
Kevin has built himself up from the hard side of life. He was not given anything on a plate and had to fight his way to the top. 
This book covers his rise from a troubled life on the wrong side of the tracks to life in the glitz and glamour of celeb. 
The story features some of the 'A' Listers of today and yesteryear. 
This is a fascinating story of how someone with a passion for their art made it happen, and made it happen in a 'BIG' way!

Author's Biography

Kevin Paul is a Tattooist who has not come from an easy background. 
He is now the leading Tattooist and tattoo's the likes of Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles.


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

Really enjoyed this book, open, honest and inspiring. Good luck Kevin!
Good luck kevin
A great read, I'd highly recommend this book to anyone. A brilliant story of how one person can change their life around and have great success. I'm not much of a reader but I found this book very addictive and it was easy to read chapter after chapter. Well done to Kevin.
I don't know Kev personally but my son Kieren James Maydew from a young age wanted to become a tattoo artist. Kieren got his first tattooing job at the Crow studios where Kev was based for a while and Kieren used to chat with him about techniques and pick up tips. I didn't know what to expect from the book but once I started reading it was difficult to put it down. I read the first chapter then left it few days thinking I would keep on the coffee table and read chapter now and again, that just didn't happen. I am sat here writing this comment and voting for this book because last night I just couldn't stop reading it, which resulted in me reading from chapter 2 right through to the end of the final chapter and the "thanks" page. If you're considering whether or not to read this book, just buy it you won't regret it. From Kevs early struggles in life to the world of celebrity it's a fantastic insight.
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