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This Time Round
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This Time Round

By Ray Quinn
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780992929879
Spring 2015 (1st March - 14th May


Ray Quinn is known by many for X-Factor & Dancing On Ice. Not many people know he has been in the business since the age of 3.
At the age of 26 he has already had the highs and lows of many twice his age. This is his story so far...

Author's Biography

Born in 1989 in Liverpool.
Ray Quinn is Singer, Dancer & Entertainer known for X-Factor and Dancing on Ice and his appearances in West End Musicals.


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

A much better book than I expected. Although the content is very different, in style it reminded me a lot of Ian Hunter's 'Diary of a Rock and Roll Star from many years ago. If you want to be a success in showbiz you would do well to read and reflect on this work.
cant wait to read this book :)
Fab read
Great reading and enlightening
Ray has achieved more in 26 years than most people a achieve in a lifetime.Fascinating read.
What amazingly talented young man, I really enjoyed this fantastic book, shows how hard he has worked since such a young age with the support of his amazing parents to achieve his ambition in life. I have no doubt what so ever that Ray Quinn will be a big star. May he be blessed with luck and happiness always.
A really fascinating read, so much accomplished for such a young man! I Love how the book is written, it is very genuine.
Wife a big fan, did not disappoint. Well done to this young man
All I can say - loved it
The best autobiography I have read, no padding in this one...
Great read looking forward to the next one
Fantastic book,easy to read and Ray comes over as a really likeable young man,and I wish him all the best for the future
Size of the book is perfect for a young person aged 26. He is not pretending to be anyone or anything he is not. well done all round.
Started this book at 11am and finished it by the end of the day. Shows the sign of a good book!
Biographies are my thing - this one is a breath of fresh air!
Super super super. well done to the publishers for keeping this book real.
Loved the pictures of his live, there was so much I didn't know about this lad. Its a great book,not padded with a load of boring stuff. Good read I loved it.
Just brilliant, very funny and a little sad, just like life.
easy to read, great fun.
Love Ray and everything he does! He can't go wrong in my eyes.
My wife and I went to see Ray in concert, loved the show and loved the book.
Delightful. Good luck to you young man.
Met Ray at his concert, lovely guy. Good luck.
Lovely chap, lovely little read.
Good read. LIked it.
Not really my thing, but read it anyway and have to admit I loved it, nice easy to read, he comes across as a really nice bloke. Wish him all the best.
Nice easy read, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Great Story
What an inspiration this lad is. I loved the very open and personal account of his career ups and downs so far an inspirational young man. Always appears to go that step further well done and I look forward to your next .
This book sums up the humour and talent of a very special young man.
Fantastic book,about the life of a very talented young man who deserves great success,love the way the book is written too,great work,Good luck Ray
Fantastic book about a very talented young man
The Journey Of Ray Quinn !! WHILE Reading This Book I Felt I Was On Rays Journey The True Facts Came Pouring Out And Ended Up In A Happy Place !! Interesting Read Would Recommend To Everyone Eye Opener !! Weldone Ray When The Next Book .....
I met Ray last year and it em was like a dream come true hopefully I'll meet him again he is the most genuinely loveliest person I've ever met he is also very talented
This book is AMAZING! I am massive fan of this book, Rays music, theatre career and the man himself. He is truly talented at what he does!!
Heart Felt and easy to read. Surprisingly good tale of ups and downs of a career.
This guy has led a full and life and he is only 26. Great read and well put together. I also like the way it is told in a way that does not offend anyone.....A lot in this book I did not know about Ray Quinn... Smashed it.
Such a lovely an talented young man,I can't wait to read his book
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